Style Again Method

We carefully select each piece of clothing using our "Style Again Method" 

We created this method after years of buying clothes which didn't stand the test of time, both in style or quality. When choosing garments (new or pre-loved) we feel consumers should consider all of the following points:

  • Timeless style- Can it be worn season after season?
  • Can be worn numerous ways- Casual in the day with plimsolls or trainers, or dressed up in the evening with boots or heels?
  • Fashion driven- Is it a trend piece? If so am i happy to pay money for a piece which may soon be 'out of fashion'?
  • Great condition- Does it have any marks, holes, fading etc? In nearly all circumstances we will not purchase damaged clothes
  • Easy to maintain- Is it machine washable and can it withstand a lot of use?
  • Can be styled by different ages- Is the garment wearable at different stages of life? This is subject to opinion and depends on individual style.
  • Quality Fabric content- Look for or expect to pay more for certain fabrics. Polyester is mass-produced and is a cheap material to buy. If the price is right you may be happy to compromise on quality.