Welcome to Style Again and thank you for joining us.

Its taken us a while to get our site up and running but we're here now with some great new and preloved clothing at amazing prices!

We decided to create Style again after educating ourselves on clothing production, sustainability and the effects of “fast fashion” Most of us at the style again team have always shopped on the high street (or online equivalent) blissfully unaware of the effects of the mass production of cheap trend-driven clothing ie, quick production, low quality, quickly ends up in landfill. With all this in mind we have dramatically changed our shopping habits for the better. We put a lot of thought into the items of clothing we buy (using our Style again method!) and are loving buying pre-loved clothes. Its honestly so satisfying wearing gorgeous pre-loved items. Not only are you extending the life span of a perfectly fabulous garment but you've purchased it for a fraction of its original cost.... we all love a bargain! 

Anyhow... after a lot of thought and market research we decided to set up this store so we could share with you some great pieces at amazing prices. Most items are pre loved but some are brand new with tags. We describe each item as accurately as possible and will share with you our opinions on how to style each piece. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our story and hearing the thought process behind Style again. Hopefully, like us you will embrace the second hand clothing industry and find some great pieces right here!